Our life is a series of motions in action.

If Isaac Newton’s third law of motion states, when two objects interact, they apply forces to each other of equal magnitude and opposite direction. Then what is a motion called when two objects interact and apply equal forces to each other of equal magnitude, but the opposite is greater than one of the objects? It’s called the life of Janeen Jackson.

Join me on this blog as I share my life’s unbelievable journey. I’ll write about the complexities of race, the pain of colorism, and the courage to face my fears. I’ll share the discovery of my DNA and my family’s secrets, my battle with depression, and the concept of nature versus nurture.

I dedicate this blog to adults who discover a family secret about themselves. Please believe that you are not alone. I encourage you to not be afraid and to live your life beautifully, authentically, and unapologetically because you, too, have a story inside you that must be told.

Special dedication to my Earth Angels Khatija D. and Nicole H. Thank you for honoring God’s voice and for helping me spiritually through my unbelievable journey. You are two golden souls that I will love forever.

Big ups and much love go to my tribe. Smile, because you know who you are. Thank you for lending your shoulder for me to cry on, burn your ears with my stories, and deal with my frustrations. I know I wasn’t always my best.

Most importantly, I thank my amazing, beautiful husband and best friend, Ron. I’ve put you through a lot I gave you permission to leave, but you didn’t. Instead, you supported me through my unbelievable discovery, made me laugh when I thought there was no more joy inside of me, and you always encouraged me to be my best, more than I wanted it for myself. I love you.

P.S. Bill J. (BEHOLD! 💚💛) you were right all along. LOL

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