Current Diary Entry

“Ever have that feeling where you’re not sure if you’re awake or dreaming?”

-Neo, “The Matrix”

If you are new to this blog, I encourage you to start the journey with me from the beginning. 7/29/20, “The loss of a parent.”

Welcome Back

July 7, 2018 My mind raced when I saw the Lyft coming down the street. 5… 4…. 3… 2… 1…. They are here. What’s happening. It’s happening. They are not mine. Are they? Wait. What? Who are they? Who’s he? Wait. Who’s she? What? I’m not ready! What? Oh, God! Here they come! The moment IContinue reading “Welcome Back”

When Doves Cry

July 7, 2018 // 6:18 am Today is THE day. I’ll be meeting up with Sam & Jeannie. Huh… It’s still so strange to me that two strangers have changed my life forever. There are still parts of me that find the last 3 months unreal. THIS is why I meeting them today. I stillContinue reading “When Doves Cry”


June 21, 2018 Prepping for Sam and Jeannie’s visit in July was nerve-wracking. This moment was going to be My “real” birth story, and it had to be as Prepping for Sam and Jeannie’s visit in July was nerve-wracking. This moment would be My “real” birth story, and it had to be as perfect. ItContinue reading “Timeline”

Broken Hearts

June 9, 1996 // Silver Spring, MD I didn’t like my life in 1996. I was experiencing a horrible breakup with a guy I was engaged to. The split threw me into the well of depression. My heart shattered into millions of pieces. I didn’t trust anyone after that moment, including myself. I also startedContinue reading “Broken Hearts”

Mother’s Day

May 9, 2021 It’s been a while since my last post. Several of you sent me private messages asking if I’ve been okay and asked me when I was going to post again… Well, here I am. I’ve resurfaced. My last entry, “The Talk,” stirred up emotions I thought I had overcome. So, I hadContinue reading “Mother’s Day”

The Talk

June 21, 2018 As my mom and I headed downstairs, I couldn’t help noticing that my hearing became distorted. Every sound became amplified. “Click-clack! Click-clack! Click-clack!” my mother’s shoes sounded like a hammer banging on the ground as she came down the stairs and my ears began to ring. As I got to the carContinue reading “The Talk”

The Big Question

Someday in early June 2018 It was time. Time for me to ask Sam and Jeannie could I meet them. At first I thought I wanted to meet them separately. I called Jeannie and we and made plans to meet in New Orleans. We thought I would be the perfect place to meet up andContinue reading “The Big Question”


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3 thoughts on “Current Diary Entry

  1. Wow! I’m already riveted. Thank you for being willing to share the many journies you have experienced. With your transparency, I have feeling you will help others and yourself.

    With love and admiration.


  2. Sam shared this with me today, Janeen, and I really admire your courage to share your astonishing discovery and life journey. You are such an inspiring person, and I am so glad to know you! I look forward to the day we can meet one another.

    In the meantime, I will be following your blog and looking forward to new posts. (You are a great writer by the way!)

    With love and understanding,



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