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I am excited to introduce you to a project that I’ve been working on since August 2021—a children’s book, “Hello, Sweet Baby!” This unique tale explains the unique family unit that adoption creates in a format that children can understand.

The Inspiration

The development of this book has been an emotional one and is a story I hold close to my heart. As you have read in my blog, I discovered at the age of 46 that I am adopted and biracial. The idea for “Hello, Sweet Baby!” came to me as I tried to explain to my youngest son, Phoenix, about adoption and why I looked much different than my parents, his grandparents. As we walked through his elementary school’s garden, I saw two differently colored tomato vines growing side by side. Some of the fruit from a young tomato plant had fallen and rolled over a bare, more mature, and established tomato plant. Finally, I knew how to explain how my family came together to my son.

The Story

Young and in love, Momma Red and Poppa Yellow Tomato have a baby tomato. However, Momma and Poppa quickly learn that they cannot care for their sweet seedling and make the difficult decision to release her to another loving tomato family in Hopewell Garden with the assistance of a helpful Ladybug. “Hello, Sweet Baby” is a heartfelt, magical adventure about adoption, making tough choices, celebrating differences, and keeping love, hope, and patience close to the family vine.

The Main Characters

The Illustrator, Brittanie Gaja

Brittanie is a Los Angeles based illustrator with a BFA in Illustration from ArtCenter College of Design. Her work takes inspiration from her love for nature, travel, and yummy treats, often using geometric shapes with organic forms to create her whimsical illustrations. She has a strong interest in children’s book illustration and publishing as well as editorial illustration.

Special Offer!

Book Mockup

Would you like to be a part of the first edition of this book? There are 12 unnamed garden characters in this book that are part of Sweet Baby Red’s magical adoption celebration. For $500, you will be randomly assigned to a character on the celebration page. Your name (or anyone you choose) along with the character’s name will be printed on the “Special Cast of Characters” page. You will also receive two copies of the book once the book is released in November.

Join the garden celebration! Use your debit or credit card* or Venmo me $500, and I’ll contact you within 24 hours to get your information to include you (or anyone you choose) in the book! This invitation will be open to the first 12 people or until April 9, 2022, whichever comes first. I’ll list the names of the VIPs below as they come in.

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Pre-ordering campaign begins!

* If you pay by debit/credit card you will be asked to create a WordPress account if you don’t have one. You will also see By clicking “Pay $500.00 once”, you agree to create a account or use your existing account to manage this subscription.” Note this is not a subscription. You will be paying once to for the “Special Cast of Characters” page.

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