Children’s Book


I am excited to announce that I published a children’s book inspired by my adoption, Hello, Sweet Baby! The book is available in the US at Barnes & Noble and Amazon US, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, and the UK.

The Story

Young and in love, Momma Red and Poppa Yellow Tomato decide to have a baby tomato. However, Momma and Poppa quickly learn that they cannot properly care for their sweet seedling the way and make the difficult decision to release her to another loving tomato family in Hopewell Garden, using the assistance of a helpful ladybug adoption agent. Hello, Sweet Baby is a heartfelt, magical story about adoption, making tough choices, honoring differences, and celebrating different types of families.

The Inspiration

The idea of Hello, Sweet Baby! came to me as I tried to explain to my youngest son, Phoenix, about adoption and why I looked much different than my parents and his grandparents. As we walked through his elementary school’s garden, I saw two differently colored tomato vines growing side by side. Some fruit from a young tomato plant had fallen and rolled over a bare, more mature, and established tomato plant. Finally, I knew how to explain how my family came together to my son.

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