Just a Little Spit.

A few days after my conference, I received my DNA kit. I had gotten acute bronchitis but still had enough energy to send in my saliva sample. The instructions appeared to be straight forward:

Step 1: Activate

Before you spit, register your kit. Use the unique code found on both your test tube and instruction card.

Step 2: Spit

Here’s the fun part. Follow the kit’s simple instructions. Spit in the tube, tighten cap, and shake.

Step 3: Ship

Pack it up and ship it out with our prepaid postage. Then mark your calendar. In roughly 6-8 weeks, your results will be ready online.

Seems easy enough. However, I was coughing so much it was a bit difficult for me to fill the tube with saliva-yuck. After 30 minutes, the tube was full, and the package was ready to be mailed off. I was really excited. I couldn’t wait to see what treasures my DNA held! As weeks passed, I kept working on my family tree. I called my uncle M to ask him a few questions about my dad and our family and mentioned that I sent off a DNA test. He got quiet and then asked me to let him know what I find. Afterward, I called my aunt P so we could do our usual catch up. I told her about the family tree project and how I wanted to take a DNA test. She gasped, “Oh, no!” I was wondering why she was shocked. She then told me that if my father was alive, he’d be so hurt that I was taking the test. I asked her why, and she said because they (my parents) wanted me very badly. Okay, “my aunt is really tripping.” I told her, of course, they wanted me badly (duh?). Besides, it was too late because I already mailed the kit off. She gasped again but in a lower whisper, “nooooooooo…..”

A few weeks later, I received an email from Ancestry:

“New DNA Sample Required.”

WTH? I opened the email.

“Unfortunately, after multiple attempts, we were unable to use the sample you sent to AncestryDNA.”

My saliva sample wasn’t viable, and another kit was on its way. What?!? Not viable? I was furious. I was so excited to find out about my results and now stuck with having to take another kit.  

The second kit arrived. However, this time I wasn’t in a rush to take it because I thought this DNA kit stuff was a joke. But then I remembered that I was sick the first time I took the test and suspected that my sickness messed up my results, and so a month later, I decided to retake it. I activated the kit, spit in the tube, and mailed it off. Here I go again! 

Let’s talk…

  • Have you ever taken a DNA test? If so, what were your results?  
  • Were there any surprises in your DNA? 
  • Did your DNA confirm anything you already knew about yourself or your family? 

10 thoughts on “Just a Little Spit.

    1. Hi! Thanks for responding! 💖 Yes, death will always be a shocker just as much as birth I suppose.

      Your other response was posted to yesterday’s post.


  1. I did. I was quite surprised by the results. Especially the fact that I’m over 18% white. I wasn’t expecting that. And really made me think about what it means to be ‘black’, especially in the United States.


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