It’s official

May 12, 2018

My Bestie, brother from another mother, Valente, convinced me to join him for cheap drinks at El Toriotos. I ordered two gigantic margaritas, “Mariposas” because I, well, really needed it! I caught him up on all of the adoption discoveries and told him that I insisted Sam and Jeannie take a DNA test. I needed scientific proof that conformed their relation to me. I whipped out my phone to show him my genetic makeup and saw that I had a new message from Ancestry.

“You have new DNA matches.”

I took a long slurp from the cocktail straw and clicked “View DNA Matches.”

I gasped. There it was, right in front of me, the confirmation. Jeannie Brooks and Sam Maren matched as my parents.

I took another long sip.

“Honey, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” Valente asked.

Staring at him, I said, “They are my parents. Sam and Jeannie.” I passed my phone to him.

“Wow…” he said. We both finished our drinks and requested another round.

It was a surreal moment. Seeing Sam and Jeannie’s names listed as my parents and not Jim and Jay Jackson was overwhelming. I cried and drank and cried. Valente held me and reminded me that I now have more families to love me.

May 13, 2018

It’s Mother’s Day, and I woke with headache. It was either the margaritas or my DNA discovery overload or both that head my head throbbing.

I was served breakfast in bed–delish! As I ate my last bite, I became nauseous. My nerves were taking over my belly because I knew I had to call my mother. I picked up my phone, and I rolled my eyes as I began to dial her number.





I became curious as to why she wasn’t picking up?

“Hello?” my mother said.

For some reason, I was relieved that she picked.

“Hello, mom. Happy Mother’s Day!” I said genuinely.

I was pleasantly surprised that my anger dissipated at that moment. My

Me and Mom

mother and I went back and forth with our usual chit-chat, and she talked about the gift she received. I paused and thanked her and my father for adopting me and giving me a privileged life. She chuckled and said,

“We wouldn’t have it any other way! You are our child. You hear me?”

“Yes Mommy…” She’s so dramatic.

We said our goodbyes and hung up. I took a moment and reflected again on my childhood. It WAS pretty good…

Jeannie, 1971

Next up! Jeannie. More knots in my stomach grew as I dialed her number. I

was terrified, actually! I felt as if I was a representation of a painful moment in time of her life. I found out that after Jeannie gave birth to me, she took the rest of the year off from school. I had to remind myself that I couldn’t take on that burden.

As I sit in my son’s bed, the phone began to ring.



“Hello? Jeannie”

“Hello, Sweetheart.”

“Happy Mother’s Day.”

“Happy Mother’s day to you too!”

All of a sudden, my youngest son came running into the room. “Mom! Let me speak to Grammie!” Ugh! What do I do?

“Hey! This isn’t Grammie! I’m speaking to a friend.” These secret phone calls are really making me feel uncomfortable. I must tell my children soon, I thought to myself. Jeannie and I began talking and laughing and then I asked, “Would you be willing to meet me here in California?”

“Absolutely!” she replied. I told her I’d like to meet her and Sam at the same time. Jeannie sighed. “I haven’t seen him in years. But, I’ll still say yes. I’ve been looking for this moment.”

“I’ll call Sam and set up a time in July and get back to you. Happy Mother’s Day again, Jeannie.”

“Happy Mother’s Day, Sweetheart.”

I hung up and whispered. “It’s official…”

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